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    1. Protein Information Page

     ├ 1.1 Overview

     ├ 1.2 Topology Composition

     ├ 1.3 PTM

     ├ 1.4 Functional Domain

     ├ 1.5 Regulatory Network

     └ 1.6 Gene Expression on 39 cancer

    2. Browser Page

    3. Search Page

     └ 3.1 Search by Protein Sequence (BLAST)

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    1. Protein Information Page

    Their have "Quick search" block on the right of main menu(a), and you can see this block on every pages. In proetin information page, you will see six table tags under big protein name(b). These are "Overview", "Topology Composition", "PTM", "Functional Domain", "Regulatory Network","Gene Expression in 39 Cancer". Click these table tags to see represent informations.



    1.1 Overview

    In Overview table, you can reed some basic information of your search protein such as "Uniprot ID", "Protein Name", "Function", "PTM instance type", "Topology preview", "Interpro Domain", "KEGG information"...etc. You can click Taxonomic lineage to quick browse data by species(a), or click PTM instance type to browse by each PTM(b). In this place you can quickly preview the protein topology by Topology View field(c). In PDB feild, click Jmol logo will pop out window of 3D structure of each PDB enty(d). If this structure mapped on transmembrane region, there show two plane represent membranes.



    1.2 Topology Composition

(a) Graphical transmembrane topology, like topology preview in Overview table.

(b) Detail topology information, click note image will link to reference literature.

(c) Amino acid composition statistical image for with each topology structure specific.



    1.3 PTM

This table mainly to show PTM information. If there have potential PTM instance, that will show under the Experimental PTM feild.


(a) Mark PTM site on graphical transmembrane topology, you can quickly to know each PTM instance located on which topology region.

(b) Click PTM instance name will pop out a new image, this image only marked PTM instance you choose.

(c) Click each site number will pop out a new image only marked this.

(d) Click PDB enty_chain will pop out a window show 3D structure and marked mapping PTM site.


If you are linked topPTM from dbPTM, you will direct on this table.



    1.4 Functional Domain

This table mainly to show linearly graph of Interpro domain region and transmembrane topology for each Interpro.

(a) Linearly transmembrane topology.

(b) Linearly domain region. There have multiple domain databases of each Interpro.

(c) Check this box to mark experimental PTM site on topology.



    1.5 Regulatory Network



    1.6 Gene Expression in 39 Cancer

Expression analysis involving in 39 types of cancers for TM proteins.

"Prostate Cancer", "Papillary Thyroid Cancer 1", "Breast Tumor", "Colorectal Carcinoma", "Adenoma and Colorectal Carcinoma", "Ductal Breast Carcinoma and Invasive Lobular Carcinoma", "Papillary Thyroid Cancer 2", "Liver Cancer", "Peripheral T cell Lymphoma", "Hepatocellular Carcinoma", "Cervical Cancer 1", "Cervical Cancer 2", "Head and Neck Cancer 1", "Head and Neck Cancer 2", "Bladder Cancer", "Metastatic Melanoma", "Breast Cancer and Basal like Cancer", "Breast Cancer 1", "Midgut Carcinoid", "Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma", "Breast Cancer 2", "Lung Tumor 1", "Lung Tumor 2", "Adrenocortical Carcinoma and Adrenocortical Adenoma", "Serous Carcinoma 1", "Serous Carcinoma 2", "Conventional Renal Cell Cancer", "Collecting Duct Carcinoma", "Renal Cell Cancer", "Renal Oncocytoma", "Papillary Renal Cell Cancer", "Wilms Tumor", "Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma", "Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma", "Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma", "Primary Renal Cell Carcinoma", "Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma", "Primary Gastric Tumor", "Ovarian Cancer"




    2. Browse Page

    3. Search Page

You can search by Uniprot ID/AC, PDB ID, multiple keyword(Protein name, Gene name, PTM, topology...) or sequence blast..



    3.1 Search by Protein Sequence (BLAST)

Sequence search result appear by linearly graph for each aligment sequence.

(a) Link of BLAST result file link.

(b) Input protein.

(c) Aligment protein and protein transmembrane topology comparison.

(d) Aligment region mapped.




    4. Download Page

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